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“When you live for a strong reason, Hard Work is not an option, it’s a necessity”. This is the mantra of success for a perseverant Aniket Sharma, who scored 95% in Rajasthan Board’s Senior Secondary Examinations Science Stream. The team of Brainbuxa.com got an opportunity to have a chat with the shining star of the state. Aniket, who consider himself very sorted and level headed person and who is positive enough to do wonders in life. Here, the student of Rose Public School, Jaipur, shares his story of success and an ordeal through which he has gone through.


1. First of all just give a brief introduction of yours.

Aniket: Well, I’m Aniket hail from Capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. I live in Muralipura region of Jaipur with my parents and 2 siblings. My father is a Supervisor in a Private Firm and my mother is a home maker. I’ve just completed my High School from Rose Public School, Jaipur in Science stream and wish to be a Mechanical Engineer.


2. Okay, Aniket just tell us about how you felt when you saw your result.

Aniket: Actually there is a story behind this thing. Our board has a policy that it declares the result of the students who are in a merit list, 2 hours before the declaration of the complete result. I was expecting my name in that list but I didn’t get any call. So I was little disappointed. But when the complete results were declared and I saw my name in that list, then I took a sigh of relief. Actually, authorities have my incorrect contact number, so because of that they weren’t able to contact me.


3. Are you pleased with your result or you were anticipating something else?

Aniket: Yeah I was expecting around 95%. When I gave my exams, I told my parents that I will score at-least 95%. I’ve mutually secured 11Th Position on the merit list, but it would be icing on the cake if my name would be there amongst top 10.


4. Behind the triumph of a person there are many helping hands, who give you inspiration to make your dreams come true. So which sources of inspiration are there for you, who’ve always keep you motivated?

Aniket: My parent’s faith in me and in my abilities has been always my inspirational guide. They’ve always told me to trust myself and back my strength and have faith in “The Almighty’s Grace”. They have been very encouraging and supportive throughout. They helped me to build my self confidence. There was also a time when I was really depressed and feeling very low, at that time they make me realize that time will change and all I’ve to do is stay focused and trust myself.


5. Aniket, tells us the traits that you posses, which helped you to outnumbered so many students and achieve your goal.

Aniket: I think I’ve inherited many qualities from my father. We all know that “every kid’s learning starts from home”. I’ve seen my father working really hard and when he does things whether it’s his job or anything, he does those things with utter dedication. And I’m able to instill these qualities in me. During my School days, I always knew that I’ve to work hard and whatever I do, I have to give my best to it. I also believe that hard work is necessary but along with it you also need to thing smartly and do things with proper planning.


6. Now tell us something about your school, teachers and your friends

Aniket: Well, I can proudly say that I’ve completed my studies from Rose Public School, Jaipur. It’s a very nice school with high standards of teaching. I’m very thankful to all my faculty members and especially our school’s Director, for their assistance and support. I often used to go to my teachers with my doubts and problems and they never turned their back on me. Even if they were busy in doing some work, they used to give a halt to it and solved my problem. I consider myself very fortunate that I’ve got some very good friends. Actually, I love making friends. I’ve been friends with all my class mates. But some especial friends that I’d like to mention here are Shiv, Ravi, Abhishek & Uttam. We five guys are like Best Friends Forever.


7. Aniket, just tell us about your future aspirations.

Aniket: I want to be a Mechanical Engineer. Since my childhood only, I’m very fascinated towards machines and other mechanical equipments. I remember when I was a kid, my mother used to keep screw drivers away from me because every time I got a chance I used to open the things with them. And it’s my dream that after my Engineering I want to apply my learning and knowledge for the betterment of this world. Right now I’m dropping a year and preparing for Engineering Entrance Examinations, so that I’ll be able to get an admission in top Engineering Institutes. 


8. That’s a very good thought Aniket. As you’ve set an example for other students by achieving this position, so what would you like to convey to your juniors and other educational masses of the country who aspire to do something distinctive in life.

Aniket: I can only say that “if you have a will to be successful and you’re earnest enough to achieve something then for you only sky is the limit”. Victory requires dedication, honest hard work and proper guidance. And I’ll advice all the students that never try to mug up the things rather try to learn and apply what you’ve learned.


9. Truly Aniket, you are an inspiration for all of us. But lastly we would like you say few words about this initiative of our portal www.Brainbuxa.com .

Aniket: First of all I would like to congratulate your whole team for your efforts and a very big thank you for giving me this platform to share my story with other people. If by the means of this story I'll be able to turn things around for even a single person then there is no better feeling than that. I would like to give my heartily wishes for the grand success of your portal and thanks a lot again.


Thanks a lot Aniket for these kind words we really appreciate these. And it’s a pleasure for us that we have such a wonderful conversation with you. We wish you a very good luck for you future and hope that all your dreams come true.