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• An excellent communicator

• A responsible yet fun loving person

• Well known in your campus

• Willing to carry Brainbuxa’s tag name with all dignity & responsibility

• Looking for a exciting opportunity to polish your skills

• Looking for an awesome group of people to work with

If your response is ‘Yes’ to all of them, then you are in for an amazing surprise! Read on & take the leap!

Join the Campus Ambassador Program – Introduction

Campus Ambassadors will be the sole link between Brainbuxa & their respective colleges. Or in easier terms, Campus Ambassadors would be those handpicked passionate individuals who stand apart in their college and deserve a bright future. He/She will be the point of contact for Brainbuxa within the college & would be responsible for organizing Brainbuxa’s events in the college and/or answering any queries regarding the same. 

This is your chance to stand up & show your worth!

Who Can Join? - Prerequisites

ANY student currently pursuing a full time course from the college is eligible to apply for the Campus Ambassador program. The applicants will be shortlisted on the basis of their application form (that you would need to fill), their leadership and communication skills, their past record in the college and their passion to make a difference.

What I am getting in return?

Still got Questions? Of course you do! Read on for more info!

 Do I have to give 6-8 hours to it every day? Would it eat all my time? 

 Am I getting paid for this work?

 Can Brainbuxa assure me of a job after I am chosen as the Campus Ambassador?

 Can I get a job at Brainbuxa after I graduate?

 I am not a final year student. Can I still apply?

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