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Brainbuxa is an Education Portal with a specter to assimilate each and every section related to Education slot on one platform.

Brainbuxa accommodates large organisations in organizing their events. It has collaborations with all the niche colleges such as IITs, Top B schools all across the globe. We have the privilege to partner with International conferences, assist esteem organisations in conducting events like Technical Fests,Conferences, Seminars, Cultural Fests etc. We have more than 4000 events posted on our portal till date.

Brainbuxa provides you an opportunity to post your Event in our Event Section and it will make you connect with the world by promoting your Events (Technical,Cultural,Annual etc.) Conferences, Management Events, Workshops, Seminars, Symposium etc…

For posting event on portal, follow the steps mentioned below.

First of all login to your account and click on Add module tab on the left side of dashboard.

A window Modules & Addons will open where different fields for posting will be available like School, Colleges, University, Coaching, Events and Company.
Click on Add tab of Event Manager.

Basic Information

Create your Event profile by filling the Basic Information i.e. Title, Cover image, logo etc…

Fill all the * marked fields.

Fields to be filled in Basic Info page:-

Click on Save after filling all the details.

Note that all the * marked fields are required to be filled compulsory.

Once you have done with creation of event profile, fill details in other fields shown in left side (Event activities, Team members, Speakers etc…) to enhance your event profile.

Event Activities

This is the key factor to attract viewers to your event so just complete the info by filling Activities which are going to take place in your event.

Add all the activities i.e. Workshops, Lecture series, Quiz, Case studies etc… which are going to take place in your event, by mentioning Name of Activity, Category, It’s Start & End date and Venue where activities will going to happen.

You can add more than one activity.

Team Members

Add details of all the Team Members, by adding name, designation, department E-mail address and their contacts on different social media websites if any.


“A good speaker will make the interest of viewers maintained”. Add the details of speaker/guest of your event.

Mention the person details by mentioning their Name, Type i.e. either he is a celebrity or guest or speaker, Date & time for his speech, his contacts on different social media websites and a brief description about him.


Add different categories of questions and their respective answers which will be helpful for viewers.

By clicking on Category, a drop down menu will appear which display different categories for instance, About Activities, About Event, About Team Members etc… you have to choose a category and mention the Question title and Answer description according to that category.

You can add FAQs in each and every category of your event.


Want to display the pictures of your event, just add multiple photos to make your event page, quite attractive.

Partners & Sponsors

Add the detailsfor Partners and Sponsors you are required for your event by mentioning the Title of Partner or sponsor like Travel Sponsor or Media Partner etc. Sponsorship required in Cash or Kind, Amount of sponsorship required, and a brief description.


Share the details with the world, of your competition winners. Winner details can be displayed by filling this small form.

Mention winner details by mentioning Winner title for instance, “Ideation challenge winner”, Name, Activity in which they won and a brief description.

You can also add image of the winner.

Once you have done with submitting all the details a pop-up will appear on the screen which show that “Event is under approval process from admin. It will take about 24-42 hours.”

After submitting, a tab Publish Your Event will be visible to you on Basic info page which you have to answer in either Yes or No. This will make your event Active or Inactive respectively.

Events are shown according to following categories on portal.

  1. All:- Under this category all the events will be shown.
  2. Premium:- Under Premium category, some facilities will be provided to event organizer. For instance,
  1. Running:- Under Running category, those events will be dispayed which are currently going on.
  2. Upcoming:- Under this category, events which are willing to happen in future and are already posted on portal will be displayed.
  3. Recent:- Under this category, those events are to displayed which are going to take place in near future.
  4. Past:- Under this category, those events will be displayed which already happened in past.

After being approved from our side, your event will be shown on portal.

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