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“In the rat race, don’t miss out on what really matters to you”, this idiom has been the key to success for Mradul Singhal who scored 94.80% in R.B.S.E Senior Secondary Commerce stream Examinations and succeed in securing the first merit all over Rajsthan. In conversation with team of Brainbuxa.com, he shared his side of story and his stance on his achievement.

Mradul, First of all we the Team of Brainbuxa.com would like to congratulate you for your achievement. And it’s an honor for us to have a conversation with you. The main purpose of this interview is to just share your tale of success with all other people so that it can inspire them to pursue their dreams.

1. First of all Mradul, just tell us about your reaction when you first saw your result. I mean what exactly were your feelings and emotions at that moment of time?
Mradul: Like all the students, I was so eager to know my result. I was expecting a merit. As soon as the clock struck 5, I received a call from Honorable Minister of Education, Mr. Kalicharan Saraaf. He reported me that I got 94.80% and secured 1st merit in the state. I was struck dumb. It was a really blissful moment for me. My family members weren’t expecting that. A fragrance of happiness spread all over my home. My parents’ happiness couldn’t find words to express.



2. I’m sure Mradul, there was no boundaries of their joy at that time. But being the topper of the state is a huge accomplishment in its self, so just tell us, what were the main sources of inspiration for you throughout your journey?


Mradul: Surely big success need big inspiration and I consider myself really fortunate in this regard. My parents, teachers and my elder brother have always been my pillar of inspiration. They’ve always motivated and guided me thoroughly and given me infinite love and support throughout my journey.



3. Mradul, share us something about your school, your teachers your friends.


Mradul: I consider myself fortunate that I’ve got a chance to study in Soni Academy Senior Secondary School. And as far my teachers are concerned then I’d say that their contribution in my success is invaluable. I would like to express my gratitude towards all my teachers and my school administration. They’ve always supported me and constantly motivated me to achieve my goals. They have facilitated me with the best possible teaching material and I owe them big time for that. And the time that I’ve spent with my friends is mesmerizing for me. I’ve some great friends to support me, they are very co-operative and also we had so much fun together.




4. Okay now, tell us what instruments of character and values were in you that helped you to stand out amongst others?

Madul: It’s an established fact that everyone in this world is special, everyone has his own talent and limitations, all one has to do is to recognize those hidden capabilities. And I think up to some extent I’m able to do that. When a person tries to accomplish something, there is 50-50 chance he may or may not succeed but if we don’t even try our best then there is not even a chance of even 50% of success. So I always believed in trying hard and leave the rest on the Almighty.



5. A quick word for this, are you satisfied with the marks you’ve got?


Mradul: Frankly speaking, I was expecting this result. I’ve always longed for first position. And today, when I’ve got it, I’m really happy. But its just a beginning, I’ve a long way to travel. And I had a dream of getting admission in SRCC, Delhi.



 6. Mradul please let us know about your future aspirations, what you want to be in life?


Mradul: As a person, I want to be a good and honest human being who is always there to help others in best possible way. And as far as my aspirations are concerned, I want to fulfill my dream of becoming a Charted Accountant and as I’ve already told you, I’ve a burning desire of pursuing my graduation from SRCC, Delhi.



7. Now on a lighter note tell us something about yourself, I mean tell us about the thinks that you likes to do in your spare time, activities in which you engage yourself to rejuvenate. We all know studies are sometime quite boring and demanding, so just tell us about the things you do to keep your senses fresh.


Mradul: Mostly I don’t have that much spare time to play or waste, instead I spend my time in reading different novels, biographies and newspaper. And to rejuvenate myself, sometime I watch T.V serials like Jodha Akhbar and all that. But mostly to freshen up my senses, I like to have a nice chat with with my family members and friends. 



8. Mradul, you’ve set a benchmark for the masses. So what message do you want to convey to all your fellows & friends and for all the people who aspire to achieve something grand like you.


Mradul: Swami Vivekanand had said “If the mind is intensely eager, everything can be achieved, mountains can be crumbled into stones”. I think the most important ingredient to achieve your target is “DESIRE”. Dedication, determination and hardwork, all themselves comes automatically it. Be focused and concentrate utterly on your goal. Hard work with proper guidance is undoubtedly the key to success.



9. Lastly, few words about our initiative.


Mradul: There is qualm in the fact that your initiative is highly praiseworthy. You are encouraging the youth, what can be better than that. I hope that Brainbuxa.com always remain an important figure and plays a pivotal role in the life of upcoming geniuses. It’s been a pleasure to have this conversation with you and would like to thank your entire team for your effort and also for having me.I’ll feel privilege if my words will able to aspire even a bit of readers.



Thank you Mradul, it’s been pleasure for us to have this conversation with you. We would like to wish you a very good luck for your bright future and we hope you’ll bring more proud to yourself, your family and for this country in the future.




                                                        THANK YOU